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Main Responsibilities of NASG

Source:NASG    Time:2013-12-19 16:47:26

The NASG, as the administrative organization in charge of the surveying and mapping work across China, has the following main responsibilities:

(I) To formulate laws, regulations and rules of surveying and mapping, formulate development plans for the surveying and mapping undertaking, formulate plans for national fundamental surveying and mapping in collaboration with relevant departments, draw up management policies and technical standards for the surveying and mapping industry and supervise their implementation.

(II) To organize and manage fundamental surveying and mapping, international and administrative boundary surveying and mapping, cadastral surveying and mapping, and other national level or key surveying and mapping projects, and to establish and manage national surveying and mapping datum and control systems.

(III) To formulate cadastral surveying and mapping plans, technical standards and specifications, and ratify cadastral surveying and mapping results.

(IV) To regulate the order of surveying and mapping market, manage surveying and mapping qualifications, supervise quality control of surveying and mapping results and other surveying and mapping activities like geographic information data capture and application, organize and coordinate supervision of geographic information security, examine and approve the external provision of surveying and mapping results and surveying and mapping activities conducted by foreign organizations and individuals in China, and investigate and punish nationwide or grave law-breaking cases in surveying and mapping

(V) To arrange and deliver surveying and mapping services for the public and make emergency responses, organize and guide social services of fundamental geographic information, examine and approve key geographic information and data and to publish them upon authorization.

(VI) To manage national fundamental surveying and mapping results, guide and supervise the management of surveying and mapping results of various kinds and the protection of surveying and mapping markers nationwide, and formulate the surveying and mapping results summarizing and submitting system and supervise how it is implemented.

(VII) To manage maps, supervise and manage maps market, manage map compilation, examine maps to be published, manage and approve denotation of geographic names on maps, and formulate, in collaboration with relevant departments, sample maps of international boundary on the map of People’s Republic of China.

(VIII) To make surveying and mapping technical innovations, guide fundamental researches of surveying and mapping, key surveying and mapping programs, promote and applying surveying and mapping technology into production, and carry out international cooperation and exchanges in terms of the surveying and mapping work.

(IX) To undertake other tasks designated by the State Council and the Ministry of Land and Resources.

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