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International Workshop on Integrating Geospatial and Statistical Information

Source:NASG    Time:2014-04-18 15:29:00


The United Nations Statistics Division of DESA, as the Secretariat of the Statistical Commission and UN-GGIM, and the National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation of China (NASG) are jointly organizing the International Workshop on Integrating Geospatial and Statistical Information to be held from 9 to 12 June 2014 in Beijing, China.

This International Workshop will be unique in that it will be bringing together for the first time a blend of global geospatial and statistical experts from Member States. It will contribute to the global consultation, and will discuss and demonstrate the importance of geography to census activities, and to statistical information in providing the statistical geospatial framework and the structure for collecting, processing, storing, integrating, aggregating, and disseminating the data on appropriate platforms. The workshop will also provide country experiences of the benefits that national geospatial information authorities have derived from meeting the specific needs of census geography/cartography and statistical analysis, and their overall cooperation with national statistical offices.

Date: 9-12 June, 2014

Venue: Auditorium, NASG

28 Lianhuachixi Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100830, China

List of documents

1.Invitation Letter

2.Concept Note

3.Registration Form

4.Information Note

5.Program Book


Opening Ceremony


Mr. Greg Scott, UN-GGIM Secretariat, United Nations Statistics Division,Speech | Photo

Ms. Gemma Van Halderen, Co-Chair, UN Expert Group on the Integration of Statistical and Geospatial Information,Speech | Photo

Mr. Kurexi Maihesuti, Vice Minister, Ministry of Land and Resources and Director General, NASG of China, Speech | Photo


National Keynote Address

Development and Integration of Geospatial Information in China, Dr Li Pengde, Deputy Director General, NASG of China, China,

Presentation | Photo


International Keynote Address

Global Integration Challenges, Prof. Paul Cheung, Professor of Social Policy and Analytics, National University of Singapore, Singapore,

Presentation | Photo

Integration: Geospatial Perspectives, Mr. Rolando Ocampo, Vice-President, INEGI, Mexico, Presentation | Photo

Integration: Statistical Perspectives, Ms. Gemma Van Halderen, First Assistant Statistician, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia,

Presentation | Photo


Presentation Materials

Session 1: Country experiences in integrating statistical and geospatial information using geography


Mr. S.M. Nasir Hayder, Survey of Bangladesh, Bangladesh,Presentation | Photo

Mr. Sameh Al-Araimi, National Centre for Statistics and Information, Oman, Presentation | Photo

Ms. Marie-Therese Gopal, Director of GIS, National Bureau of Statistics, Seychelles,Presentation | Photo

Lt. Col. Eng. Mehmet Sabri Sehsuvaroglu, General Command of Mapping, Turkey,Presentation | Photo

Prof. Chen Jun, Chief Scientist of National Geomatics Center of China, China, Presentation | Photo

Ms. Veniana Wainiqolo, Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources, Fiji, Presentation | Photo

Mr. Adham Ali Makky, National Bureau of Statistics, UAE,Presentation | Photo

Mr. Khurelshagai Ayurzana, Administration of Land Affairs, Geodesy and Cartography, Mongolia, Presentation | Photo

Ms. Rosalind Quartey, Ghana Statistical Service, Ghana,Presentatio | Photo


Session 2: Approaches to determine and represent geographical units, including geocoding, for statistics


Mr. Martin Brady, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia, Presentation | Photo

Mr. Janusz Dygaszewicz, Central Statistical Office, Poland,Presentation | Photo

Mr. Abdullah M. Alhamlan, Central Department of Statistics, Saudi Arabia, Presentation | Photo

Mr Rachid Zoubir, High Commission for Planning, Morocco,Presentation | Photo

Mr. Elpidio Nogales Jr, Statistics Authority, Philippines,Presentation | Photo

Mr. Peter Nwilo, Surveyor General, Nigeria,Presentation | Photo

Mr. Sisira Tennakoon, Sri Lanka Survey Department, Sri Lanka, Presentation | Photo


Session 3: Comparison of grid-based versus administrative approaches to the collection, compilation and dissemination of statistics


Mr. Vincent Loonis, National Statistics Office, France,Presentation | Photo

Mr. Rolando Ocampo, INEGI, Mexico,Presentation | Photo

Ms. Isra Natalisa Ginting, BPS-Statistics Indonesia, Indonesia, Presentation | Photo

Mr. Tim Trainor, US Census Bureau, USA,Presentation | Photo

Prof. Zhang Jixian, President, Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping, China, Presentation | Photo

Ms. Emma Odhiambo, National Bureau of Statistics, Kenya, Presentation | Photo


Session 4: Statistical analysis of geospatial (environmental, social, etc.) information, and relevance of SDI’s and international standards


Mr. Claudio Stenner, IBGE, Brazil,Presentation | Photo

Mr. Ng Siau Yong, Singapore Land Authority, Singapore, Presentation | Photo

Ms. Linda Peters, Business Geographer, Esri, USA,Presentation

Mr. Martin Brady, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia, Presentation | Photo

Mr. Krishna Raj, Ministry of Land Reform and Management, Nepal,Presentation | Photo

Ms. MennatAllah Anwar Ahmed Mohamed Hashim, CAPMAS, Egypt,Presentation | Photo


Session 5: Positioning for the future. Trends in technology, big data, 2020 Round of Censuses, and the post-2015 development agenda


Mr. Tim Trainor, US Census Bureau, USA, Presentation | Photo

Ms. Marie Haldorson, Statistics Sweden, Sweden,Presentation | Photo

Dr. Jiang Jie, Division Director, National Geomatics Center of China, China,Presentation | Photo

Ms. Gemma Van Halderen, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia,Presentation | Photo

Mr. Tarak Chandra Patra, Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, India,Presentation | Photo


Workshop Summary:

Co-Chairs, UN Expert Group on the Integration of Statistical and Geospatial Information, Conclusion








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