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International Workshop on Legal and Policy Frameworks for Geospatial Information Managemnet

Licensing of Geospatial Information



7 – 9 November 2017, Tianjin, China 


This International Workshop is co-organised by the United Nations Statistics Division of DESA as the Secretariat of UN-GGIM and the National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation, and supported by the Regional Committee of United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management for Asia and the Pacific (UN-GGIM-AP). It aims:

(a) to raise awareness on how an evolving legal and regulatory environment concerning geospatial information will impact the availability, accessibility and application of geospatial information;

(b) to afford professionals within the geospatial ecosystem who do not have legal training a better understanding of legal and policy considerations concerning geospatial information management and the sharing and dissemination of geospatial information; and

(c) to discuss the purpose of a geospatial information licence agreement and the role of the licence that is relevant in national contexts.

This three-day international workshop will participatory, where the participants are expected to be active; engage in discussions and have the opportunity to practise.


Provisional Agenda              Concept Note              Information Note              List of Participants              Summary Statement



Tuesday, 7 November


Session #1


Session #2

  1. Secretariat    Presentation
  2. China    Presentation
  3. Maldives    Presentation
  4. Nepal    Presentation
  5. Philippines    Presentation
  6. Singapore    Presentation
  7. Sweden    Presentation
  8. Centre for Spatial Law and Policy    Presentation


Session #3



Wednesday, 8 November


Session #4


Session #5


Thursday, 9 November


Session #6 


Session #7




Session #8

Summary Statement    Document



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