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DG Kurexi met with IGNA President Agrim. Sergio Cimbaro

Source:NASG    Time:2015-09-30 11:15:00

Mr. Kurexi Maihesuti, Director General of National Administration of Surveying,Mapping and Geoinformation of China (NASG) met with Mr.Agrim. Sergio Cimbaro, President of National Geographic Institute of Argentina (IGNA) recently in Beijing. The two sides discussed and exchanged views on cooperation in fundamental surveying and mapping, image data receiving and applications of ZY-3 Satellite, Internet geoinformation service and collaboration under the framework of UN-GGIM. Dr. Li Pengde, Deputy Director General of NASG attended the meeting.

Kurexi introduced the basic information of NASG and achievements of China’s surveying, mapping and geoinformation work in recent years, meanwhile, Kurexi expressed his intention on further strengthen cooperation between China and Argentina in geoinformation field, such as personnel training, ZY-3 satellite image and data application, geoinformation engineering projects, hardware and software application as well as coordination and collaboration within multilateral organizations.

Cimbaro expressed his appreciation on the achievements of NASG. He noted that China is in the leading position of surveying mapping and geoinformation in the world, the visit will bring IGNA inspirations of new administrative ideas and technical innovations, and will lay strong foundations for technical exchangesand cooperation between the two parties in the future.

The IGNA delegation visited National Geomatics Center of China, China Surveying and Mapping Museum before the meeting and werebriefed with Construction of National Modern Surveying and Mapping Datum System, TIANDITU(MapWorld) and the 1st National Geographic Conditions Census. etc.




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