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Awards Granted for the Most Inspiring Figures in Surveying and Mapping

Source:NASG    Time:2016-10-31 09:20:00

A grand ceremony was held to announce and award the Most Inspiring Figures in Surveying and Mapping on October 28, 2016 at the headquarters of NASG. It was the second time for this national campaign to be organized. Since its launch in March 2016, the event has attracted wide attention and warm responses from all sectors of society. According to millions of votes via the Internet and WeChat, the jury selected 11 most inspiring figures working in surveying and mapping fields out of more than 200 candidates. Over 400 people attended the awarding ceremony.


Among the award winners were the representatives of the first generation surveyors since the People’s Republic of China had been founded, who devoted themselves to the profession for the whole life. Six veteran surveyors from the First Geodetic Survey Institute of NASG, with an average age of 80, were honored with the Special Recognition Award. They participated in the first-time measurement of the elevation of Mount Qomolangma in 1975.


The award winners also included a highly respected academician with outstanding achievements in research and education; a director general of a provincial surveying and mapping department who always made leading breakthroughs in management; an entrepreneur insistently pursuing the dream of a national brand; a dedicated grassroots technician at the production line; a courageous surveyor who took more than 300 people back to homeland using technical knowledge and equipment from armed conflict region; an undergraduate who made research findings of excellence; a devoted staff member for logistic services; an entrepreneur who kept contributing to the society; a team of surveyors who participated in the Antarctic scientific expedition for 13 times; and a “One Map per Week” team that made well recognized innovations in thematic mapping.


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