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Li Pengde Attended the GEO XIV Plenary

Source:NASG    Time:2017-11-02 15:40:00

The 14th Plenary of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO XIV Plenary), along with the 41st and 42nd Meetings of the GEO Executive Committee, was held in Washington D.C., United States from 23-27 October, 2017. More than 500 representatives from 62 GEO member states, 49 participating organizations, 6 observer organizations and the secretariat for GEO attended the plenary. Dr. Li Pengde, Deputy Director General of NASG, participated in the plenary as Deputy Principal of China in GEO, and attended the Meetings of the GEO Executive Committee on behalf of the GEO Co-Chair of China. With the theme “Insight for a Changing World”, the plenary further defined the goals and plans of national, regional and global GEOSS construction, strengthened the GEO Engagement Strategy, and called on GEO member countries to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals, strengthen regional GEOSS and improve GEO’s capabilities of serving the world.


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