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Main Initiatives for Capacity Development

Source:NASG    Time:2013-12-23 08:15:00

Since 2002, NASG has released policy documents including “Opinions concerning Strengthening Surveying & Mapping Talents Work for the ‘11th Five-year Planning’ Period”, “Surveying & Mapping Geographic Information Talent Development Planning for the ‘12th Five-year Planning’” and “Surveying & Mapping Education and Training Plan for the ‘11th Five-year Planning’ Period”, etc., formulated and released measures for strengthening leadership construction, official team construction, development of reserve officials, high-level talent team construction, talent team construction in western China and high-skilled talent team building, etc. In addition, NASG promoted the personnel system reform in an all-around way, continuously expanded the democracy in work, gradually improved the systems of public election and employment through competition, etc., constantly increased the credibility of selection and employment of talents. Now, a democratic, open, competitive and merit-based system for selection and employment of talents has taken shape.

NASG energetically implements the project for development of leading hi-tech talents and has employed 15 leading hi-tech talents from colleges & universities, research institutes and public institutions both at home and abroad. It strives to set up a platform for leading hi-tech talents in terms of subject selection, project approval, scientific research conditions and participation in international academic exchanges by encouraging them to undertake or take part in major surveying & mapping geographic information scientific research and engineering project. In addition, NASG grants each leading hi-tech talent a certain amount of special subsidy for science and technology. During the cooptation of academicians of CAS and CAE in 2011, 2 leading hi-tech talents were elected as academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

NASG has established a system for fostering young academic and technical leaders, focused on strengthening construction of high-level surveying & mapping geographic information technical talent team by holding activities of academic exchanges and subsidizing scientific and technological activities, created a positive 3-tier structure for training of young technical talents jointly promoted by the state-level, provincial and community-level companies. NASG has developed 180 young academic and technical leaders through selections, and most of them play a core role in researches or production of the companies that they work for.

NASG, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education of China, implements the plan for development of excellent engineers, establishes a new mechanism for joint talent training by colleges & universities, surveying & mapping geographic information companies and manufacturers, integrates education of surveying & mapping geographic information and production and scientific researches organically, so as to effectively solve the problems of disconnection between school education and social needs.

NASG kept on strengthening education and training of various talents and set up a complete surveying & mapping geographic information personnel training system.


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