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ZY-3 Mapping Satellite

Source:NASG    Time:2013-12-20 14:16:00

To enhance the acquisition capability of geographic information resources, at 11:17, January 9, 2012, “ZY-3” surveying & mapping satellite blasted off successfully at Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, carried by “Changzheng” (Long March 4B) carrier rocket; on January 11, the satellite successfully returned the first batch of high-precision stereoscopic images and high-resolution multi-spectral images; on April 20, it completed the in-orbit test; on July 30, “ZY-3” satellite was officially put into service. As of the end of 2012, “ZY-3” satellite had received a total of 225TB of data, covering 12.5 million square kilometers in China and 54.5 million square kilometers across the world; it had provided nearly 400 units with over 30,000 satellite images with a total data volume of 20TB and a coverage of over 35 million square kilometers; and such satellite images had been widely applied in dynamic monitoring of land utilization, information-based management of territorial resources, investigation and monitoring of geologic and mineral resources, monitoring of ecological environment, survey of forest resources and monitoring of forest disasters, survey of agricultural resources, survey and monitoring of water resources and water conservancy projects, highway & railway planning design as well as detailed survey of disasters, etc.

“ZY-3” satellite is equipped with an orthographic panchromatic TDI CCD camera with the ground resolution less than 2.1m, 2 forward-looking and back-view panchromatic TDI CCD cameras with the ground resolution less than 3.5m and an orthographic multi-spectral camera with the ground resolution less than 5.8m. The satellite weighs 2,630kg and runs on the sun-synchronous orbit with a height of 506km and an angle of tilt of 97.421 degrees. It has a revisit period of 5 days and a designed life of 5 years.


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